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  • Trevor Cooke

Senior and Rural Healthcare Services and the Benefits of Technology

Trevor Cooke

Chief Strategy and Compliance Officer

Teri’s Health Services

Cassie Davis, MS

Director of Business Development,

Teri’s Health Services

In 2020 the world changed, as a worldwide pandemic emerged, threatening the lives of everyone, especially those with chronic health issues, seniors and other vulnerable adults. With COVID-19 on the rise, the healthcare community recognized the need to change – change in the way healthcare was delivered as the world shut down and individuals and families were isolated in their homes, cautioned to remain inside.

Credit: Mladen Zivkovic / Shutterstock

How could healthcare providers administer care, treatment, or services to their patients, if those patients were too afraid to leave the safety of their homes? If ever there could be a silver lining in the dark and ominous cloud of COVID, it was one of the many challenges faced – a challenge to healthcare providers to find innovative and effective ways to stay connected with patients. With the danger of the pandemic looming over the world, utilizing technology in the delivery of healthcare became the new frontier. Primary care providers, therapists, psychiatric providers and large healthcare systems began utilizing telehealth technology to connect with their patients.

One Arizona-based provider was no exception, allowing for a quick case study for the benefits that have been realized through telehealth programs. Teri’s Health Services (THS) is a fully integrated outpatient treatment center providing behavioral health and physical health services. Launched as a mobile healthcare company in 2017, at that time Teri Hourihan, Ph.D., LPC and founder of THS brought evidence-based, trauma therapy to individuals across the state of Arizona.

For the company, as well as for just about all in the field, the impact of the pandemic presented challenges above and beyond the norm in the treatment of and service to patients.

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