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  • Dr. Allen Holloway Jr.

Healthcare Answers: Education, house calls, tech are in the mix

Dr. Allen Holloway Jr., MD

Looking at health care problems both nationally and internationally, our challenges in Arizona are much the same; only the scale varies. How and where do those in need receive critical medical care? How is their quality of life affected? How has Covid and its variants impacted treatments of patients, and how will we prepare more-interconnected selves to manage even more epidemics in the future?

Credit: DGLimages / Shutterstock

As a physician, an educator and a lecturer on vascular disease and wound healing, an aspect of healthcare that has my attention and in which I am involved is the care for homebound patients, particularly the elderly. Specifically, my attention is directed at wound care.

For the homebound patient who is either living in their home or an extended care facility, and living with a wound, or other medical condition, care from a qualified medical provider is necessary. Our current system calls for them to go to a clinic to receive this care, but how do they get there? And will they be able to get an appointment?

So, the challenges are real. Time lost scheduling appointments. Hurdles to leap in keeping appointments. Appointments at locations not conveniently or quickly reached. Appointments that are rushed and less than rewarding. Our seniors deserve better, as do all patients of all stripes. But, what to do?

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