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  • Stephen Des Georges

Advocacy in Assisted Living Setting: Who’s on your side?

By Stephen Des Georges

Credit: pikselstock / Shutterstock

Advocacy. Despite its obvious importance to the enhancement of a person’s respect and dignity, and despite its critical value to those on the receiving end of such support, advocacy is often the forgotten voice, the forgotten ingredient in many assisted living settings. It can fall from the radar quickly, shadowed by such “amenities” as a clean and secure environment, nutritious meals, group activities, regular housekeeping, laundry service and more. In fact, as an example, Google your local social service organization; is advocacy on its list of services and care commitments? Advocacy. Christopher Zambakari, owner and operator of Desert Haven Home Care in Phoenix, Apollo Assisted Living in Glendale, and Villa Fiore Assisted Living in Prescott Valley, is many things. He is a college graduate with multiple degrees. He is the founder and CEO of The Zambakari Advisory, a cutting-edge agency providing advisory services to businesses, individuals and organizations. He is a Hartley B. and Ruth B. Barker Endowed Rotary Peace Fellow. He is a father and husband. Zambakari is a dedicated, passionate and exhaustive advocate on behalf of his assisted living residents in Phoenix, Glendale or Prescott Valley in Arizona. He is focused not only on his residents and the treatment they receive, but on senior care everywhere, working tirelessly with industry professionals to keep a spotlight sharply directed on elder care advocacy and its importance in quality-of-life issues.

In this Q&A regarding the importance of advocacy in an assisted living setting, Dr. Zambakari shares his thoughts on the subject, his experience with patient advocacy and how it is the focus of his team’s care at his three care homes.

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